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Jodanna’s Wish List

Having recently joined the Jewelry Exchange “family”, I wanted to share a few of my favorite items that I have discovered, and have on my ever growing wish list…


Before I tell my favorites, I honestly have found so many unique pieces, that are both gorgeous and timeless that I can’t begin to make a comprehensive list of all that I desire.  I suggest, from experience, looking at the website, and making your own wishlist, and come in, try things on and see what you love after seeing it in person!  Then you have a ready made gift list for anyone looking to surprise you or commemorate any special events in your life…


Onto my favorite pieces…


I am loving all things Tacori… If you haven’t looked into this designer, you need to!  From engagement rings and timeless elegant pieces, it also boasts fashion pieces for every possible occasion and the everyday sparkle we all need and want…


  •  00611
  • 70-611 -$2,325


This piece is such a sweet size, and having the small rim of diamonds around the deep dark blue of the oval stone set in yellow gold, it’s a piece I would wear for everyday, and also be a classy sparkle to a little black dress.


I also adore stacking rings, and lean towards rose gold and white gold together.  Here are a few that I like to have, whether worn just one or two or more together.  I think the ones with diamonds add just that little more sparkle that makes a statement.




33-146 -$565


33-142 -$315


33-155 -$565


33-143 -$315


33-144 -$1,395


33-148 -$1,395


One more Tacori item on my wish list is the Rose and Sterling Promise Bracelet.  Made of intertwining silver and rose gold, the design represents the unity of a promise. Each golden pillar represents the relationship pillars of love, support and respect. The promise bracelet must be locked and unlocked with a Tacori key, which symbolizes the promise that is made. Once the bracelet is fastened, only the key holder can unlock the promise.  A darling sentiment, but also an elegant piece for my wrist everyday!


70-675 -$3,375


So those are a few of my current wishlist, by no means all of my wishlist!  With inventory being added daily, its worth taking a look and seeing what new loves may turn up!  Hope to see you with your wish list soon!


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