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Jewelry trends for Fall…

With every season change there are trends that follow. For this blog I thought it would be fun to look at what’s hot right for Fall 2014!! We all saw lots of fun material being used in jewelry. There was leather, yarn, rubber, tassles and so on. Fine jewelry was a little different. Here are my favorite fine jewelry fall trends…

Nature is big one! Anything incorporating animals, trees, leaves, and so on is a hot trend. We have some pieces that are trendy while still being classic.



$555 – 14K yellow gold diamond leaf ring by Gabriel & Co. 



$590 – 14K yellow gold drop earrings with freshwater cultured pearls and engraved leaf designs. 



$995 – This bracelet has fun written all over it, the little frogs are perfect for any amphibian loving girl.




$1199 – 14K white gold diamond branch necklace by Gabriel & Co.


Art Deco is one that is more than just a trend, it’s here to stay. It’s especially hot though, this coming season.






$700 – For all the Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey fans, this is your ring. 





$1185 – 14K white & yellow gold art deco inspired diamond ring by Gabriel & Co.






$725 – 14K white gold diamond earrings. 





$3425 – 18K white gold sapphire & diamond ring. 





$565 – 14K white gold diamond bracelet by Gabriel & Co.  



Collars were another trend that we are seeing a lot of. They were layered on with high neck pieces. Check out a few of the styles we carry.




$2995 – 14K white gold diamond necklace. 





$2550 – Diamond necklace in 14K yellow gold. 





$3995 – 18K white gold mesh collar style necklace.  




Geometric shapes are all the rage!!! I’m not going to lie, this has to be my absolute favorite trend! (I can’t wait for my pendant in yellow gold to get here) 




$785 – 14K white gold diamond necklace. 



Happy Fall shopping!! 






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