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Jewelry for the Guys

I guess men like jewelry too… 😉 As I sat down to write my blog for this week, I thought ‘why not focus on jewelry for the men in our lives?’ I have three brothers, and two out of the three of them would never, ever purchase jewelry for themselves (watches being the exception). However, as soon as I got them a couple of cool pieces of jewelry, they were hooked!


With so many things to choose from, a gift for a man, be it small or big, is a definite home run! Unless he absolutely hates jewelry (but then again my brothers thought they did too and they were wrong….) In that case buy him a bottle of Scotch… 😉


Below are a couple of different designers that make some really great jewelry for men…


Triton Jewelry for Men

Triton Jewelry is a company that we love! They do some really unique designs, and use alternative metals. They use tungsten, stainless steel, rubber… All are materials that men can wear and not have to worry about.



Rings for Men from Custom Gold


Custom Gold is a company out of Vancouver and they have made up some amazing rings for men. They are very unique and different and concentrate more on precious metals like gold and platinum, rather than alternative metals like tungsten and stainless steel.


What man in your life deserves a little treat??


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