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In The Mind of a Diamond Cutter – Part 1

To most people it seems logical that a diamond cutter would cut a diamond to be the most sparkly.  Sounds about right?  Nope, that’s not how the world of diamonds is. 


Remember, diamonds come from the earth.  When they are extracted from the ground, they look like this:

Raw diamonds

If the raw diamond is large, a diamond cutter may spend weeks, months or years examining it to determine what shape it will be & approximately what carat weight it will be.  You might be thinking “can’t he cut it ANY size & shape that he wants it to be?”  Theoretically, yes he could.  But he won’t.  Why?


Here’s the key: diamonds are sold by weight.  So a larger diamond will fetch a larger price.  That’s not hard to follow :0)  But it doesn’t just end there.  There are actually two more vital factors to consider:


1. Certain shapes of diamonds demand a higher price.  Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds will be more expensive than any other cut.  Every other shape is sold dependant on desire for that shape (meaning I could have the most fantastic deal on a heart shaped diamond, but if you don’t like it, you’re NOT going to buy it… period).  Princess cuts are by far the next most desired cut. 

Round and princess diamond rings from


2. The price of diamonds jumps at certain intervals.  There is a price per carat for diamonds up to .99ct.  Once a diamond is over 1.00ct, even though there is only one point difference, there is a big jump in the price PER CARAT.  Hypothetically & based on today’s diamond prices, if a .99carat SI1 clarity, F color is $6336, the SI1 clarity, F color in 1.00carat would be $7700!  The additional $1364 is not for the .01carat more – it’s because the price per carat jumps once you go over 1.00carat.


These factors mean that a diamond cutter will lean toward cutting a diamond to maintain the most amount of weight, not so that it is the most desired cut or the most sparkly. It makes sense- whatever cut & shape will fetch the highest price is the winner.


In part 2, we’re going to talk about ideal cut & why there is no cut grade for fancy shaped diamonds.  Stay tuned… (is that even a relevant phrase in 2013 LOL???)

– Lisa


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