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How to wear wedgwood blue

Wedgwood blue. It looks innocent and unassuming but it’s a surprisingly versatile color that can be very sophisticated.


The name comes from the famous blue and cream stoneware introduced by Josiah Wedgwood in the 1760’s. It was so popular with Kings and Queens that it was even called ‘Queen’s ware’ at one time.


But don’t think this pastel blue is stuffy or out of date. Quite the opposite, it’s a beautiful shade for nearly everyone – especially alarming for dark brunettes and redheads, in a good way.


How to wear it? Take a cue from InStyle’s Color Crash Course in May and see what other jewels work nicely with it. We’ll use Tacori’s Island Rains Collection as the starting point, since there are so many ways to wear this light blue topaz, you’re sure to find something you like.


How to wear Tacori Island Rains wedgwood blue collection


  1. Our first pairing is with light spearmint, the two colors are perfect together, both cool tones with an airy feel.
  2. Bright azure turquoise enlivens the baby blue considerably, and would be perfect poolside. Or for the days when you’re at work but would rather be poolside.
  3. They call it the ‘wild card pairing’ but the ruby red seems kind of tame to me. Definitely brings life and energy to the pale blue but seems to make it more sophisticated and grown up. A little more old Hollywood glamour.
  4. Cool silver is the best pairing for this gem. Layer other silver necklaces or bracelets in between the baby blues for an icy statement.  


– Heidi


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