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How to Choose A Diamond Shape

Hmmm…cushion?  Is that for a sofa?  I thought emeralds were green?  And isn’t pear a fruit?

These are all common diamond shapes.  How do you know which is best for you or your beloved?  Read on…

This week we’ll look at five shapes, Round, Princess, Oval, Marquise and Cushion.

Round…the Classic Girl
Round brilliant cut is the most common brilliant-cut diamond and by far the most desired diamond shape. Created by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, round diamonds have arguably the most sparkle and fire of any diamond cut. Round diamonds are so versatile – they look great in virtually any ring. Typically a favorite to be passed on through generations.

Round Brilliant Diamond Rings from

Princess…the Edgy Girl
Now the second most desired shape after round, princess cut diamonds are truly stunning. They give an engagement ring that crisp, clean rocker girl edge. They are cut deeper than a round diamond to achieve the maximum amount of sparkle so a one carat princess diamond will appear slightly smaller than a one carat round diamond. Rings with swoops and swirls may look best with another shape.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings from

Oval…Sweet Girl
Oval diamonds are truly soft and feminine. You’re definitely letting her know you think she’s gorgeous and beautiful. My first thought is with gemstones flanking the ring but diamond accents are also lovely. Timeless and elegant, this diamond is never “popular”. It is truly endearing.

Oval Cut Diamond Rings from

Marquise…Retro Girl
Marquise cut diamonds give you tremendous bang for the buck and look amazing with pave set diamonds around them. I think ’70’s…holding a dirty martini in one hand with a little Abba in the background. It’s a groove that cannot be shaken. This girl has a fun flirty personality. Be prepared for a lot of shrieking on the phone to girl friends after you pop the question!

Marquise Cut Diamond Rings from

Cushion…the Cutie Patootie
In recent years the demand for cushion cut diamonds have grown. Imagine a soft square…yep, like a pillow! Quite often the sparkle factor is comparable to a round, which is awesome. But in our opinion cushion cuts either need to be b.i.g. to really get the soft square effect or in a setting that really accentuates the shape. They can look stunning in a vintage or antique setting. Make sure you are in love with this one!

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings from

Watch for next week, we’ll look at the remaining five: Asscher, Emerald, Pear, Heart and Radiant.



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