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How to Choose a Diamond Shape part 2

Last week we looked at five shapes, the Round, Princess, Oval, Marquise and Cushion. We’re carrying on with our tips on how to choose the perfect diamond for yourself or for your girl.

Asscher… the Modern Girl
Very similar to the emerald cut, asscher is simply the square version. We love this cut for it’s bold minimalism. We think it looks best in vintage inspired settings, especially with micro pave accent diamonds. The right solitaire works too… on some people.

Tacori Asscher Diamond Rings

Emerald… the Glam Girl
Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular in shape and have long, lean facets. The overall effect is like looking into a window. What an emerald cut sometimes lacks in fire and scintillation, it definitely makes up for in a quiet, understated elegance. Think Audrey Hepburn. Remember to keep your diamond clean (especially underneath the diamond) to ensure year round compliments.

Emerald Diamond Cut Rings from

Pear… Fun Girl
Nope, not fruit. Pear cut diamonds are cut in the shape of a teardrop. There is huge controversy about how they should be worn (with the point toward or away from you) but your girl will instinctively know which she likes. This cut should be worn with love as the pointed end is susceptible to break if it’s hit hard enough. No sports or washing dishes in it for you (a good reason for your man to do it!)

Pear Rings at

Heart… Uber Romantic Girl
This girl loves… well, you. She knows what she wants! A woman cannot be talked into a heart shaped diamond… nor can she be talked out of one if it’s her cut. Don’t even try! Typically heart shaped diamonds look fab with marquise, pear or oval cut accent diamonds. Be sure to have her input on the ring style.

Heart Shaped Diamond

Radiant… the Glowing Girl
Radiant cuts are based on the princess but the corners are cut off.  This makes the diamond more durable since the corners don’t come to a sharp (and often vulnerable) point.  Radiant cuts are one of the most desired shapes for colored diamonds.  The reason is that color in diamonds is often concentrated in the corners, so a yellow diamond will be even more vibrant in a radiant cut.  Pretty groovy huh?
Radiant Diamonds from


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