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How to care for your jewelry at home…

“How can I keep my jewelry clean at home??” We get asked that question on a daily basis. We offer complimentary cleaning for jewelry that has been purchased from us. So when the ladies come in to have their rings cleaned they know they are a bit scratched up, and the diamonds aren’t as sparkly as they were when they first received the ring… We take it back, have our goldsmith check the ring for wear & tear, polish it, if need be rhodium plate it, and make it look like new!

Each time a piece of jewelry is cleaned and brought back out to the lucky owner they tend to be shocked as to how great it looks! And in most cases the reaction goes like this: “I didn’t know it was SO dirty! How can I keep it looking like this at home?” So let me share with you what we tell everyone who asks. You have to bring in the jewelry to have the metal polished, but keeping the diamonds and gemstones looking fresh is easy. Buy a soft bristle toothbrush specifically for your jewelry, and when your bling isn’t looking so blingy anymore, use some warm water & some dish soap and scrub away with the toothbrush. All the creams, lotions, hairsprays, and products we use get all over the diamonds, and the dish soap will remove all of that. This little process will keep you looking fresh until you can pop in to the store and have the jewelry thoroughly cleaned!

Something to keep in mind: some gemstones are more sensitive than diamonds. Maybe leave emeralds, opals, tanzanites, and moonstones to the pros to clean.

The first picture below shows a ring with normal wear and tear. Around the bezel settings you can see the rhodium has worn off, making it look like two tone jewelry. The second picture is what it can look like after a little cleaning with a soft toothbrush and detergent, little more sparkle, especially to the diamonds. And the final picture is what we can do once it’s fully restored. It looks like new again!

Three stages of cleaning a ring

Happy cleaning… 😉


  • This is really wonderful information.Diamond ring or engagement ring is very expensive thing so when we want to clean it then have to very conscious…
    Nice …Looking forward for more useful info..

  • Yes, it’s very important to take care of your jewelry, and keep it looking fresh. 🙂 Thank you for the comment!

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