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How do I care for pearl jewelry?

(Guest blogger Lisa)

Pearls require extra care & attention.  Pearls are quite soft and should never be tossed on top of other jewelry in your jewelry box.  Optimally, they should be stored in a soft pouch that is breathable.  Simply wipe them with a soft, clean cloth after each wearing.  This will prevent dirt from accumulating and keep perspiration from eating away at the pearl nacre.  Never use chemicals, detergents or abrasive pads.

The simple rule for pearls is they should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. That ensures they won’t be sprayed or have as much contact with perfumes, hairspray, makeup or creams which will affect the luster of your pearls over time. Also, pearls should never be worn in the shower or when swimming for two reasons: 1. The shampoo, conditioner, chlorine etc. that the pearls will come in contact with will affect the lustre and 2. The string knotting the pearls will stretch and also become discolored.

Wear and care for pearls with love and they will be something that can be passed on to a special someone in years to come.



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