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How can I sell my jewelry if I don’t live in Kelowna?

Is it safe to send my jewelry in the mail? How do I do it? What happens if I don’t want to sell it? What if it gets lost?

These are some common questions asked when you don’t live near us. But good questions.

If you live out of town and don’t want to drive 8 hrs, we understand. We offer the same options as though you were in one of our secured offices.


#1.  The most important thing a person can do when sending jewelry for an evaluation is to keep it discreet. Simply put the address of our store on the package. Do not indicate there is jewelry in the package, or that it is going to a jewelry store. For safety precautions stick with the address only.
(520 Bernard Ave, Kelowna BC V1Y 6P1.)

We recommend using Fed Ex or Priority Post. We use both because of their reliability. However, it is still considered the same as shipping cash, there is always a risk. State “personal items” should anyone ask.


#2.  Be sure to include your contact info to reach you when it arrives. Surprisingly many don’t, and we have to wait until you get suspicious and phone us wondering why we haven’t contacted you. Awkwaaaard.


Once we receive your items, we write out the information along with your options. We then contact you via telephone or email whichever you prefer, though we suggest email as it is easier to understand when you can see it in print. If you decide not to do any of the options, we will take responsibility ensuring you get your items back. If you’re not sure, we will hold them until you decide. 

It all sounds like a lot of work and risk, but it’s not. It’s easy peasy, and virtually stress free, ok tiger?

– Mark


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