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How can I help my man buy more jewelry for me?

We feel your pain. You love jewelry. Your guy loves to buy you things, but when it comes to jewelry he’s a little freaked out, so he gets something else. It’s totally understandable, if you look at it from his point of view.

There are endless choices when it comes to jewelry for women. What if he buys you something you don’t like? What if you don’t like it but are afraid to tell him? What if he buys you something that sends the wrong message?

So how can we make it easier for him and make everyone happy? This is where the beautiful idea of a wish list comes into play. Come in and find the pieces that you love. The ones that speak to you, make you smile and feel right at home when you try them on. We’ll make notes, even in the order of preference since there is bound to be not just one. 

Then all you have to do is casually mention you were in and found some things you really liked. He’ll get the hint. But if you also tell him that ‘the girls at the Jewelry Exchange know which ones I like, they wrote them down for me’ then he’ll really get the hint. He’ll know it’s going to be a whole lot easier for him, because now he just has to choose from the pieces that you already love. 

This way you can have a say in showing him what type of jewelry you like. And he still has a say in choosing something that he likes too. But without any anxiety. 

There are so many occasions to give jewelry as a gift, weddings, anniversaries, push presents, or just because (the best one we think). If you can keep a current wish list going on file with us, then he’ll know whenever he wants to surprise you, the hard part is done.

– Heidi


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