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  • By Lisa
  • 10.04.2019

Guys: 5 Non-Creepy Ways To Figure Out Her Engagement Ring Style

You’ve met the love of your life. Your ride-or-die. Your petite amie. There are no secrets between you, no rocks unturned.

Except now you want to marry her, and there are about eight hundred million engagement ring styles staring you in the face.

How tempted are you to attack this dilemma by peepin’ on her Instagram activity or digging through her Google history?

Skip the creepy stuff. Figuring out her engagement ring style can be easy, fun and super-stealthy.

Sara, Dil and Sabrina at CJEX in Kelowna have five suggestions for you that will let you maintain your dignity and look like a dreamboat while you work on landing the perfect ring.

Read on for tried & true tips!

1. Take Her Out On A Dinner Date

Go ahead and book a table at Waterfront Wines or Raudz in Kelowna and give her plenty of notice on the date day. Boom, you are now boyfriend of the year. Step it up by taking note of the outfit and accessory choices she makes for the big night.

Her interpretation of dressing up will say a lot about her style. Let CJEX do the heavy lifting of deciphering what it all means – just come to the shop with a description of what she wore, and Dil or Sara will take it from there.

2. Engage Her In A Deep Discussion

Have you asked your darling what she thinks about weddings and marriage in general? While at dinner, pick her brain on these topics. What would her dream wedding look like? You may learn something new about how she feels about marriage – whether she is a romantic, pragmatist or something in between, these types of discussions could give you the peephole into her thoughts that you need to make a strong choice on the engagement ring.

3. Pop The Question

No, not THE question! The other one: “What kind of ring styles do you like?” Sabrina and Dil at CJEX approve a bold, confident and transparent approach to engagement ring shopping.

You are not squashing the surprise of the proposal here; you are building anticipation and mystery, while accomplishing your goal in straight-forward manner. Prepare your phone for a fire-hose of texts with links to various Pinterest pins and ring shops. Who said this had to be hard?

4. Enlist an Unbiased Shopping Coach

Read: not your mother. Not your sister. Not her sister, even. A trusted advisor at your favourite jewelry store is the preferred, unbiased coach for determining her engagement ring style.

People like Sara and Dil at CJEX are your best bet for a non-dramatic and informed approach to selecting the right style for your love. And if you are keen to keep it a secret, working with only CJEX on this greatly reduces the risk of a wine-night slip of the tongue from your future sister-in-law.

5. Get Pinterest-ed In What Inspires Her

Pinterest is an online platform for categorizing and saving images and ideas from around the web. Women comprise its largest user base, cataloguing everything from recipes to hairstyles, inspirational quotes and – you guessed it – engagement rings.

Within a few keystrokes, you could have a direct line to her heart’s desires. Not a techie type? Let Sara or Dil scour the Pinterest realm to find her profile. Chances are, she’s saved more than a couple of images of rings to a Board with your name on it, making it even easier for you to land a home run.

Engagement Ring Shopping Can Be Easy & Not Creepy

The team at CJEX is ready to help dude! Not only do they have all the most desired engagement rings from the best designers, they are your trusted advisor when it comes to navigating the perfect purchase. KLO & Tutt…go now. Yes, now!

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