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Golden Bay by Tacori Launched in 2014

So this is how it went down…

Two weeks before the big jewelry show in Las Vegas, I am getting crazy excited to get there and see all the amazing new designs that our suppliers are launching.  None am I in greater anticipation of than Tacori.  What bold & innovative designs await?  I thought I’d check their site to see if any new pieces had been added.  I found….GoldenBay.  I scanned through the photos and was like…wow…those are interesting. I was stoked to see them in real life because I felt like I wasn’t totally appreciating them just from a picture.

Two weeks later I am at the show, in Tacori’s booth which is basically a 5000 square foot recreation of Los Angeles in the desert, when I first laid eyes on an actual piece from the GoldenBay collection.  It was like all my breath was sucked out of me.  I had goose bumps and audibly gasped (which turned a few heads).  GoldenBay is drop dead gorgeous and truly must been seen and adorned to be appreciated.  In my humble opinion the photos don’t do justice to the beauty and personality of this creation. 

The entire collection features sky blue topaz over hematite gemstones, which are nestled in a bed of yellow gold and many of the rings, earrings & bracelets have brilliant diamonds for a luxuriously feminine look.  The result is a hue like no other – like deep & tranquil California bay.  This is sure to be the next “must have” staple piece for a woman’s wardrobe.  Versatile enough for day or night, it will achieve the coveted position of your favorite piece of jewelry. 

I also love how this collection is almost entirely hand crafted out of 18K yellow gold. It achieves a richness and luxury that is unparalleled.  And because so many of Tacori’s designs fuse cool sterling silver with 18K yellow gold, you will be able to pair this piece with so many of your already beloved jewels.  The only question will be…which pieces will become yours?


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  • Thank you Lisa for the beautiful article! We’re so glad that you were as inspired by these designs, as we were when they were created.

    ps. our first piece to purchase from the Golden Bay collection? The oval necklace with the diamond bloom! Sheer perfection on its own, or layered with other delicate necklaces.

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