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  • By Lisa
  • 01.04.2016

Gold Layering

Gold Layering

Gold layering is a super in style right now especially through the summer, you can layer different chains and different pendants with each other to get different looks and lengths, and it can look super beautiful on every skin tones,which is nice because everyone can wear it.

Wearing Yellow gold with a tan makes you feel like you’re glowing; well everything when you’re tanned makes you feel like your glowing. So layering gold necklaces and stacking gold bands on different fingers is the perfect style to follow this summer! So many people love this style and I certainly. It’s relaxed and yet still is not a completely casual look. 





72-40- 30”- $270




72-36- 28”- $215




72-81- 18″ -$240

There’s so much you can do with chains, and you don’t have to stick with just yellow gold, you could mix it with rose gold and white! Its always fun to switch things up. One piece i have above is a two tone sparkle chain. This chain would be super fun to put with a couple other chains because whether you put a pendant on it or not it will still look amazing. The two tone gives it a different look and it really shimmers as it moves on you neck.  




2-882- $260




33-158- $1,820




33-160- $675




36-303- $795



 I have picked a few bands that would look great in different sizes for different fingers. Stacking these bands is a fun look because you get some bling added to your look but still something that isn’t too much for a more casual style day. They are really good for if you feel like your outfit is a little plain and needs a little something, these bands and layering gold chains or necklaces. If you are wondering what to wear when you are thinking about layering, plain and simple is perfect, that way the gold stands out more.

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