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  • By Lisa
  • 25.03.2017

Gifts For The Bride

Gifts for the bride

Buying a gift for the bride can be a challenge. You want to get her something that she will love and keep, and think of her wedding day, so why not get her something to wear on that day! Jewelry is essential on the wedding day to bring everything together. I have picked out a few gorgeous pieces that would be perfect to wear on THE day!


70-887- $465

This sky blue topaz necklace from Tacori is such a beautiful color and size. It’s a small and simple style that can be worn with absolutely anything!


70-842- $450

These stud earrings are the something blue the bride. With this gorgeous color and this style, she will definitely be wearing these for a while thinking of that special day.


70-893- $630

This necklace by Tacori is similar to the first one in that the size is nice and small and the color is light and beautiful to wear with anything but this necklace has a little bit of a different style. This stone is dangling more than the first one and is not set stationary so the pendant will move around. They are both lovely but one might look a little more like her style than the other.


74-80- $2,995

Diamonds are always a good idea. These earrings are a beautiful choice because even though they give a gorgeous sparkle, they aren’t so huge and busy that they steal the show. These earrings are more of a compliment to the bride’s beauty, simply adding a little sparkle.


1-24200- $1,795

For the classic girl who loves yellow gold, check out these studs set in the yellow gold. Simple and beautiful, these are the perfect piece to bring her ensemble together and really finish it. Keeping it classy on the special day!

There are so many more options to consider, depending on the colors, you have lots to choose from!

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