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  • By Lisa
  • 27.06.2019

Getting Married? Get To Know These 5 Top Wedding Band Designers

Noam Carver, Bleu Royale, Hearts on Fire, oh my! With so many wedding band brands to choose from, it’s easy to swoon over your options and feel a tad bit overwhelmed. 

Fortunately, you have friends on this wedding band journey. Consider the ladies at CJEX in Kelowna your jewelry confidantes. The highest order of advisors in bling. The Dion Davenport to your Cher Horowitz, if you will please accept this Clueless reference. 

Browse below for the deets on 5 top wedding band designers carried at CJEX in Kelowna. 

Hearts on Fire 

Style: Diamonds like no other – exceptional sparkle, clarity, and conflict-free.  Hearts on Fire has a unique offering as its selection process for diamonds is markedly rigorous – only the most transparent and knot-free diamonds are approved. The diamonds that meet these standards are rare. Only 1/10 of the world’s rough diamond crystals qualify for Hearts on Fire status. 

Perfect For: the detail-oriented bride who loves a good story, and who cherishes possessions by imbuing them with deeper meaning. Or, for those who just love a good sparkle. With a range of classic and unique band styles, there is a gorgeous option in the Hearts on Fire collection for every woman. 

CJEX Tip: Matching his-and-hers weddings bands is lovely, but striking in two different directions is totally allowed. Why not go for that diamond-studded band for you while he goes solid gold, platinum or engraved?

Simon G 

Style: Eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing and built to last. Simon G somehow accomplishes future-forward design without losing focus on the accents and details that have appealed to men and women throughout the ages. Now that’s genius. 

Perfect For: the bride or groom who likes a bit of fanfare – Simon G wedding bands are the type for co-workers, family and friends to fawn over. 

CJEX Tip: With a couple of suggestions, shopping for men’s wedding bands can be fun and stress-free— we wrote a whole blog post with tips on how to do it right!

Bleu Royale

Style: If edgy could also be sophisticated, with bold, masculine accents. Tough-looking, because the design and construction of every Bleu Royale wedding band is intended to stand the test of time. 

Perfect For: The groom who is interested in preserving a legacy, and looking good while he does it. Bleu Royale integrates unique features like carbon accents, tantalum, and black diamonds while factoring in qualities for longevity, including enhanced thickness, and carefully selected precious metals. 

CJEX Tip: Remember to do the ‘shake test’ when trying on wedding bands. Men tend to want their ring a bit roomier, but you don’t want it so roomy that it falls off with one hard shake of the hand! 


Style: Montreal-inspired, with an eye for architectural finesse and attention to detail. Carlex is all about subtle, yet impactful elements, such as with options for custom engravings of a chosen date or message on the inside of the ring. These rings are art, with future nostalgia built-in.  

Perfect For: the groom who thinks he wants something simple, but actually just had to be introduced to the Carlex line of wedding bands to let his creative side fly. Carlex exudes luxury, which is irresistible to most. 

CJEX Tip: Ring engravings make a wedding day even more special. Get to CJEX at minimum two months before you say your I do’s to secure your order in time. 

Noam Carver 

Style: Sophisticated, inspired, and highly detailed. Noam Carver is a sculptor, designer,  and goldsmith who engages the latest technologies in computer design and 3D printing to continually push the boundaries on innovation in jewelry craftsmanship. 

Perfect For: the bride or groom who feels connected to classic styles but doesn’t want to look exactly like everyone else. Noam Carver blends contemporary and classic seamlessly, making every piece chic and timeless and somehow also of the moment. 

CJEX Tip: Noam Carver wedding bands are a feast to behold, so why rush the buffet? Choosing a wedding band is a big decision; feel free to frequent CJEX over the course of several visits to make the perfect selection. We don’t mind! 

Looking For Wedding Bands in Kelowna? Stop By CJEX 

Dil and Sabrina can’t wait to show you the world – I mean, show you all of the stunning wedding bands at CJEX in Kelowna (just off KLO at Tutt Street). Stop by Tuesday – Friday 10 AM – 5 PM or Saturday 12 PM – 5 PM. 

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