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Gems that mix & mingle

I love to be surprised.  That’s a bit of an overstatement…I like to be pleasantly surprised.  I’m excited when something unexpected makes me smile.  Like when the Starbucks girl says “you know what? It’s on the house today” or when I’m slightly grumpy and the baby being held by the woman in front of me gives me the biggest grin and I can’t help but flash the kid a smile back (if they immediately cry, I go back to grumpy).  When gemstones are mixed and showcased together in the same piece of jewelry, it makes me giggle a little (if executed properly of course…and I’m not talking about a gem set off by diamonds…think color!).  It can be a sweet little surprise that totally makes the piece shine.  Puts it on a little pedestal.  Makes me want to make it my own…here are my top current faves:



Rich purple amethyst & dark navy sapphires of varying sizes are set low and smooth in this cocktail ring.  I really dig how there is such a subtle difference in shade that makes the whole thing rock.  Micro pave diamonds encircle the whole thing giving a halo like “pop”. $2430

Tacori City Lights Bracelet from


This bracelet from Tacori is just awesome.  A medley of all the different gemstones featured in the City Lights Collection. This bracelet is absolutely adorable and is the perfect piece of wrist candy to brighten up any outfit. Worn with the matching necklace (SN166Y) or on it’s own this stunning bracelet with unique milligrain detailing around each stone, can be styled with your favorite LBD. $430

58-166 from


This darling button pendant is varying shades of pink.  From super pale baby pink to vibrant hot pink, I can’t imagine this getting any better.  It has so much depth set off by just a couple of diamonds.  The rose gold is the perfect complement.  $980

63-58 from


Icy blue topaz of differing shades bounce off the flirty purple amethysts in this unique pendant.  I really like how it has kind of a medallion look to it…and I would definitely need two chains for this bad boy!  One around 18 inches to wear when I’m in the mood for a v-neck top and one around 30 inches so it has a more bohemian look to it.  $810

Color Medley earrings from Tacori and


These chandelier earrings will brighten up your look, instantly! A medley of Amethyst, Rose Amethyst, Lemon, Cognac, and smokey Quartz dangle from this festive pair, adorned with an 18k yellow gold Tacori gemseal at the top.  $935

Amethyst and diamond rose gold ring from


I really appreciate how the delicate checkerboard amethyst is beautifully and elegantly accented by white & chocolate diamonds.  Wow…what a breathtaking combination!  It has kind of a retro, earthy glow to it.  Pair it with a nude nail polish for a ladylike vibe or a super dark charcoal for a more rock n’ roll edge.  $1450

Multi gem necklace from


So many great things about this charming necklace.  The blue topaz is an extra vibrant shade of blue and in a heart cut…very sweet.  I like the diamond accent separating the two gems…and the chain is unobtrusive so all the focus is on the pops of color.  $250

Estate Tacori Multi stone ring from


This previously enjoyed ring from Tacori is a delightful display of earth tones.  The different gems ( olive quartz, smoky quartz & black hematite) are playful & fresh.  We think it looks amazing on the middle finger  $450

– Lisa


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