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We get emails and phone calls every day with questions regarding our website.  While we love to talk to each one of you, our hope is that this blog post will answer some of the questions we get asked over and over. 

Where is all the jewelry?

We have between 4000-5000 pieces in our store in Kelowna, BC.  If you are fortunate enough to be living close to the beautiful Okanagan, you can just walk into our store located at 520 Bernard Avenue and look at ANY item that is on our website.  If you are not from our area, this means that if you need additional information on a piece, would like more views or just another opinion, we can hold any item in our hands and give you the scoop.  This also means that the items are shipped out from our store in Kelowna.


Are the jewelry pieces shown actual size?

No, they are not.  Most of our photographs are taken to get an enlarged view of the item.  We want you to be able to see as much of the gorgeous details and factors that make each piece special and unique.  The zoom tool will also help you to zero in on certain spots and see all there is to see!  If you are thinking about ordering the piece online and want to get a better idea of what it looks like on a model, just send us a contact email (fill out our contact form) and we’ll snap a few extra photos on a hand (or ear, neck, wrist, etc.) so you can get a better visual before you order.


What is a semi mount?

Semi mount is one of those terms that jewelers use and we assume everyone knows what we’re talking about!  Don’t worry… you are definitely not the only one who wants a definition on this 🙂

Semi mount usually refers to an engagement ring setting.  It means that the center stone is a cubic zirconia and meant to be changed to a diamond.  This enables you to choose the size, shape, quality and/or budget for the total ring.  It just allows you more control – you can get everything you want by putting the diamond you want with the ring setting you want.  Many of our designer rings, like Tacori, Parade & ArtCarved are shown as semi mounts… but we do have lots that already have a lovely center diamond in them.


What does Appraised Value mean?

Appraised value in real estate or art, for example, means what the item is worth.  The term appraised value is used in reference to jewelry but doesn’t mean the same thing.  In jewelry it means what is the maximum retail value that item will be sold for.  The wholesale value (or what it would cost for the jeweler to order it brand new) is somewhere between 1/2 and 1/3 of the appraised value.  We sell all of our estate jewelry at the wholesale value – which translates into an awesome deal!  That is why on most of our estate jewelry we show the appraised value as well as our selling price. 


Do you have other ring sizes available?

If you are looking at a ring in a precious metal, such as gold, silver or platinum, we can have our in store goldsmith size the ring to fit your finger.  Don’t worry… you won’t be able to tell!  And ring sizing is always complementary (if an extreme adjustment is made, there may be a small oversize charge). If you are looking at an alternative metal like tungsten, ceramic, cobalt or titanium, the ring will have to be ordered in your finger size. 


If we didn’t answer your question here, contact us!  We’d love to hear from you 🙂


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– Lisa


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