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Fall Trend Alert!!!

This coming fall there are so many cool things trending! My absolute favorite accessory for the fall is…..

BROOCHES! (I know we did a blog about this before… using brooches in the hair, but check out some other ways to use them!)

We often wonder how to wear a brooch without looking like an old lady, and how to keep it trendy and funky. There are so many different ways to wear them.

Brooch Pinned in Dil's Hair

Option 1 – Wear it in your hair! A brooch on a bun, or used to pin back some hair is a really pretty way of displaying a funky piece of jewelry, and adding a bit of pizzazz to the second day bun or ponytail.

Scarves with Brooches

Option 2 – Pin one or a few onto a scarf. LOVE this idea!! Scarves are nice & cozy, and I know I wear them all the time throughout the fall and winter. Pin a brooch or two or three on to your scarf to add something different!

Option 3 – I was skeptical about this idea until I tried it. Use a larger brooch or a cluster of brooches to cinch a dress. Having the brooches pinned to one side around the waistline adds a more unique look to that go to little black dress!

Fedora with Brooch

Option 4 – This idea is super cute… pin a brooch or again, a cluster of brooches on your hat. They look absolutely adorable on fedoras!

Brooches worn as a Pendant

Option 5 – Use brooches as pendants. I don’t know if many people do this, but it is a great way to get a different look with a brooch. Use one large one, or add a few for a really fun and different look.

Remember, there are no rules. Just wear what you feel comfortable in and love!


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