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  • By Lisa
  • 09.10.2018

Exploring Okanagan Wine

Okanagan Wine Tour – OK Falls

 Ok, I know this will baffle a lot of people… but I have never been on a wine tour! Yes, I have lived in the Okanagan for 27 years and have never taken advantage of the amazing vineyards we have around here. But, that was remedied this year when my fantastic friend organized a wine tour in OK Falls for 10 of us ladies (and our 2 chauffeurs/their husbands). They rented a 12 passenger van and picked us all up at 10am… perfect time to start drinking wine right 😉

 Our first stop was supposed to be Blasted Church but we missed the turnoff so we made the group decision that instead of trying to turn this small bus around we would continue on… many more wineries to see right?! I have heard that Blasted Church is amazing though so it might be calling for another trip back.

 First real stop was Painted Rock. By the way, at this point it was pouring rain! It was completely socked in, which was unfortunate because I think the view would have been phenomenal! There was a wedding ceremony set up there and I can see why – gorgeous! The winery itself was also lovely… everything was white and bright with a nice modern feel. The doors all opened onto a sprawling patio with cute little tables where you could even purchase a meat & cheese plate and a glass of wine there and enjoy the view. Sounds like the perfect afternoon with a few friends. A definite must for next year! The wine was great as well. This is the only place that I bought a rose, and I’m not really a rose drinker, so this one must have been yum!


IMG_4405 IMG_4406

Second stop, Meyer Family Vineyards. I had never heard of this winery so I had no expectations but I was so glad that we stopped. The tasting room was so cute and quaint – the 10 of us barely fit in! I think the lady there may have been a little overwhelmed for a second but she was so friendly and knowledgeable that it made the experience that much better. They had a very interesting comparison of 2 kinds of chardonnays. I won’t try to explain it because, frankly, I would probably be wrong but I really enjoyed tasting it. Worth a stop if you are doing wineries around there! Bonus… they had very cute little snacks like crackers, chocolate, cheese, etc. for purchase. Delicious!

Continuing on, my hands-down favorite winery of the day… Synchromesh. They have vineyards located throughout the valley from Kelowna to Oliver, but their home property is the Storm Haven vineyard in OK Falls, which is where we were. We were a bit disappointed when we first arrived there because we seemed to have missed the boat on tasting the good wines. Almost everything was sold out!!



So we were able to taste the 2 wines left and OMG were they amazing! Riesling is definitely my favorite white wine so I already had high hope, but this was even better than I imagined! So crisp, slightly tart and fruity. The perfect white in my opinion! The Tertre Rouge did not disappoint either – the best red I tried that day! I cannot wait to get my hands on some of the others next year. If they are even close to as good as what we tried I am going to be one happy drinker 🙂 Down side though, they do not sell their wine at any of the liquor stores in Kelowna, just Vancouver. So it takes a bit of a drive out to OK Falls if you want to get your hands on some


IMG_4426 IMG_4427 IMG_4428

Moving on… Blue Mountain. One last stop before lunch. The vineyard was quite spectacular when you first drive in with the building crawling with ivy on the one side and the rolling vineyard on the other… beautiful!

Honestly, I don’t remember too much about their wine. I know it was good, especially the Gamay Noir, which again is not my usual red of choice. But this one was lovely!


IMG_4431 IMG_4439

After all this wine tasting we were all ready for some eats! One of the ladies had made reservations for us at Liquidity and, especially since we had heard from some of the winery owners that it was delicious, we were one excited group! The restaurant was very simple and open. You could see right into the kitchen which I love.


The food was delicious! A good balance of interesting takes on classic items, but not too out of the box that you were afraid to try. I started with the Organic Heirloom Tomato Salad… it even came with edible flowers. So cute!!

And had the Grilled Cheese… but a little fancy – with braised heritage beef short rib and red wine onions. It totally hit the spot! Although I was eyeing up my neighbors BBQ Pulled Duck Flat Bread. And the Bistro Mussels. I’m pretty much drooling on my desk just thinking about this! Ooh also, I had a glass of their Riesling (shocking I would pick that right) and, you guessed it, delish!



Needless to say it was a very successful first wine tour, and it sure won’t be my last. Maybe we’ll travel a little further next year… Oliver or Osoyoos. What’s your favorite Okanagan winery or place to wine tour??


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