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Engagement rings for the woman who doesn’t follow the crowd

We ADORE this woman.  She has her sense of style perfected.  She knows what she likes, when she sees it and she is not swayed by anyone.  Especially in her engagement ring choice, she wants something that no one else will have.  Her friends will “ohh” & “ahh” and love her ring…yet are secretly envious because she is the only person who can pull it off.  Somehow the ring is only “her”.  These are our current favorites to show this woman:

Canadian Baguette diamond ring from


This engagement ring is very dramatic.  From the baguette cut of the diamond (which is like looking through a spotless piece of glass) to the unique “pin” style setting, this beauty is all about symmetry and pop.  It sits on a slight angle & demands attention.  Our suggestion is to wear it alone, sans wedding band.

Pear diamond halo ring from


Pear cut (or also referred to as teardrop cut) diamonds handle light in a very specific way.  The light is caught and reflected back out in tiny bursts of color & sparkle.  We love that this wedding ring was carefully designed and made around the diamond…so the proportion is impeccable.  The matching wedding band is a flush fit (no gaps) and can be found by clicking here.

Parade fancy diamond band from


A strong, wide band is a smooth way for a woman to make her statement.  This ring by Parade in LA features rich yellow diamonds & lots of flowing space.  The finished product is a tangled piece of art.

Marquise diamond engagement ring from


The marquise cut diamond is not for everyone.  Personally, I love it.  I think it makes a dramatic ring stand out even more.  In this piece, the princess cut diamonds are set low and smooth underneath the main diamond.  The overall effect is a very bold, architectural style. 

Classic diamond solitaire from


Sometimes unique is in the details.  This solitaire engagement ring has effortless squared off edges and comes into a slight point where it connects with the diamond.  We really appreciate that the prongs are twisted slightly so they are at the 12, 3, 6 & 9 o’clock positions.  It gives the ring a modern rocker edge.

Rose and white gold custom diamond ring from


This custom made diamond ring is very structural.  The white gold & satin finished rose gold bypass each other beautifully, culminating in a bezel set diamond that will be easy peasy to wear.  Enjoy on it’s own or custom make your dream wedding band to wear alongside.  

– Lisa


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