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Do I need an appointment to sell my jewelry?

This is one of the questions that we are asked almost every day, so we thought ‘why not write about it?’ In fact, it might be the start of a series of FAQ’s. So if you have other things you wonder about, let us know. We’ll address them as we receive them.

It’s true that you can make an appointment to see one of our buyers. Either with us over the phone, or you can book the appointment online. If you’re coming during your lunch hour, or you just don’t want to wait, then an appointment is a great idea. 

We usually have two buyers in the store. So dropping in without an appointment is okay too. We have a comfy couch, and most of the time the wait, if there is any, is a short one. 

Another thing people wonder is whether they need an appraisal for the pieces they would like to sell. You don’t. Just bring the jewelry as is, don’t worry that it’s not clean or that something is damaged. Even if you aren’t sure whether that heavy ‘gold’ chain is real… bring it along. We’ll test it in front of you and show you the results.

We also buy gold coins, bullion, diamonds, platinum, silverware…. so if there’s anything that you aren’t sure about just give us a call.

– Heidi



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