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Disco Ball Diamond

So we were in St Maarten wandering the streets of Philipsburg after a fantastic lunch of conch fritters & mesquite fired ribs… oh and the rum punch…

conch fritters & rum punch in St. Maarten

I’m getting off topic (and hungry!) and we stumbled across a window display of jewelry by Diamonds International. We stopped and looked and realized we were looking at Crown of Light diamonds. We had to get a couple of pictures, because just recently, we bought one of these diamonds. We thought it was ultimately unique and different, and it totally reminded us of a disco ball (hence the title of this blog).

Diamonds International in St. Maarten

crown of light diamonds in St. Maarten

You’re probably wondering ‘What is a Crown of Light Diamond’?

It is a diamond that has a higher crown (top part of diamond) and smaller table (top flat facet in the middle of the diamond), which gives the stone an almost dome like look. This diamond has 90 facets (individual cuts) where a normal round diamond has 57 – 58 facets. Having so many facets is said to give you more scintillation and light return to the eye.  It’s true – this diamond catches every tiny bit of light and fires it back in a brilliant display of glitter.

Because this diamond was so luxurious & special we decided it was destined to adorn a Tacori ring. This stunning, exotic diamond is the focal point of this engagement ring. The roundedness is highlighted and accentuated by a delicate diamond bloom.  This is definitely a one of a kind piece… and so this blog post is dedicated to the marriage of Tacori & a Crown of Light diamond.  Perhaps a honeymoon in St. Maarten is in order? 😉

#70-197 Tacori Engagement ring with Crown of Light diamond

– Dil


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