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Dil’s Pick: Parade’s Lyria Leaves stackable band

Parade's Lyria Leaves band from


Who: The organic, artsy type of woman. She needs something she can wear all the time to create beautiful things. Something that reflects the earthy naturalness that encompasses her soul!


What: Parade’s Lyria Leaves band. Available in white, yellow or rose gold and with or without diamonds (we love options, don’t we ladies)!


Why: It’s delicate, it’s leafy, and the brushed finish gives the ring even more of a natural feel.


How: It makes a perfect wedding band because it looks great with so much. It also looks great as a ring on its own. Really, you can wear it on any finger. Plus, you can stack it with any other band of your choice. For example ladies… a gemstone band, a rose gold band, a white diamond band, maybe even a black diamond band! 

– Dil


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