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Dil’s Gift List 2014 (Prepared with Love)

We have so many men that come in to the store looking for gifts (I mean obviously, we’re a jewelry store). Sometimes they know exactly what they are looking for! In which case he’ll leave happy because he got what he wanted, for the price he wanted to pay, and we even gift wrapped it for him! But other times these guys are after something spectacular and special, but are not sure how that translates to jewelry. In these cases I always like to have a few pieces in mind that are in specific price brackets, colors of gold/types of metal, and style (in other words my carefully curated Gift List for 2014). I always find this to be helpful in directing guys to what might be the best gift choice for their gal. I want to make sure the guys find the perfect gift, and I want it to be something that she will absolutely adore.  With that being said here is my list of gift options in a few different price points:

♥Around $250♥

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I mean studs are always a great option, and they don’t necessarily have to be diamond studs either. Gold carved studs are fantastic, pearl studs are classic, and gemstone studs add a bit of funkiness! Lockets and big pendants offer a lot of versatility. They can be worn on long or short chains. 







♥Around $700♥

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I think gemstones pieces are a great gift idea. They offer so much choice in color and style. Especially if the gemstone/color has meaning or representation behind it, for example: birthstones or family rings. Talk about sentimentality. I’m also really loving diamond earrings that aren’t studs. There are two great options pictured above. A small diamond drop and my personal fave: heirloom inspired carved gold and diamond huggies. 



♥Around $1500♥


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Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds!  A classic, timeless and ultra wearable piece of every woman’s wardrobe.



♥Around $3000♥  

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Tri gold is a beautiful combination. Yes, sometimes it can look a little 80’s, but when it’s done in the right it brings a very classic look together with a modern spin. Diamond hoops are always a great idea (super versatile, and easy to wear). And a big diamond pendant? Hello, obviously that’s always a smart choice. 




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