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Are you like me and you love to read tips on how to combine different colors in your wardrobe for even more mileage? It’s almost as good as going shopping for new clothes, when you find a new combination that you never saw before. InStyle magazine has tons of ideas in that direction, and since I’m more of a visual person I really like to see the glossy pictures where they put it all together for me. So let’s do the same thing with jewelry, why not? With this post we’ll start a series on combining colors in jewelry. Use it for some inspiration on using items you already have, or as an excuse to do a little shopping to fill in what you’re missing…

It’s a common situation when our clients see a gemstone ring or piece of jewelry they are instinctively drawn to but then they wonder how to wear it, or more specifically what to wear it with. Take for example the Truffle collection from Tacori. You might think, ‘it’s so beautiful, love the deep mocha color and the rose gold, and the oversized cocktail ring is so glamorous’ but then panic sets in and you think ‘but I don’t wear brown, and I don’t have anything that would work with this’ and so we put it down and move on. If you’ve been there before, then we hope this little exercise will give you a few ideas.

I’m using a reference card from the March issue of InStyle and a few pieces from the Truffle collection.

Tacori Truffle collection from


So obviously we could use this to see which pieces of clothing will perfectly set off our much loved Truffle jewelry. They list Royal Blue (everyone has something royal blue I’m sure), Marigold Yellow as shown by the model in Derek Lam, bright Clementine, which I admit I never would have thought of and the last one is Jade Green, an obvious choice now that I see it because it’s warm and earthy. Really then, dark brown is almost as versatile as black.

But how about even another idea from this same card? Let’s move past clothing and look at different color combinations in the jewelry itself. Wearing different gemstones together is a fun way to make your own statement, a look that is individually your own. Tacori says ‘it will bring out your inner stylist’ and encourages playing around, ‘mixing hues to create a colorful harmony that reflects your own unique style and personality’. Sometimes unconventional mixes are the most delicious.

Tacori Truffle Collection - How to Wear it

What are your “go-to” color combo’s in jewelry? Whether you’re on the conservative side or you’re more daring, tell us how you wear it and why you love it.

– Heidi


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