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Cedar Creek Riesling :)

And back to one of our favorite subjects… Okanagan wine!! This time around Cedar Creek Riesling.

This is my first wine blog and I am sooo excited to make it on one of my ABSOLUTE favorites currently… since we have so many great wines around here it is a bit fickle 😉 But I can see this being on my list for a really long time. Sad moment recently when I went to buy a bottle…or 3 (obviously it’s a necessity to drink the wine I am writing about, right??) and it is sold out everywhere! And believe me, I looked. and looked. and looked… only to finally look online and see that it is sold out everywhere from here to Penticton. And I’ll tell ya, I am tempted to drive the 45 minutes just to get my hands on some.

 Cedar c

The first time that I had this wine was at our staff dinner party this past year. I love our staff dinners. Partly because I love the people I work with, and it is nice to spend some time with them outside of the office. But also because it is always, no fail, one of the best meals that I have in the year. No kidding! Lisa and Mark put on a feast consisting of prime rib (Mark’s specialty), lemon risotto (Lisa’s specialty), salad, garlic toast and for dessert, trifle (Gramma Carole’s specialty). Mmm mmm mmmmmmmm. And always an assortment of drinks depending on your mood. That night I wasn’t quite sure what my drink mood was so I started with a little champagne, because why not right? After that, though, I was a bit lost. Not feeling red wine-y or gin-y, which are my usual go-to drinks, Lisa came to my rescue with a hidden white they had just opened the night before – Cedar Creek Riesling. Seriously, one sip and I was utterly hooked! Where had this white been all of my life?? It was crisp and fresh. It was so citrusy! If you’re a sucker for all things lemon or lime, you need to try this riesling. It’s not too sweet like sometimes rieslings can be. Not that it isn’t sweet but the fruity sweetness is perfectly balanced with the citrus kick. The perfect summer wine, I thought, but it was only December and I have been drinking it ever since! It would be perfect for a lazy Sunday in your backyard, sunbathing with the book you currently just cannot put down. Or a dinner with friends, but only if you have a couple bottles on hand if you’re gonna be nice enough to share 😉 For real, go get a bottle. Actually if you can find, buy a few!



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