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Bold & beautiful bands for maximum impact

One of the best things about fine jewelry is the multitude of choice. No matter what your taste you will find something that is perfectly you. At least for today. 🙂 

So we’ve seen ultra skinny rings, solo or stacked. Cocktail rings, with oversized glamorous color and artistic shapes. But for comfort and ease of wear, with a little bit of a rock n’ roll vibe, a bold wide band can’t be beat. Sturdy enough to wear with abandon, it also makes a serious statement. 

Both of these are award winning designs. Yes, the jewelry industry has awards. Not as well known as the Grammys or the Emmys but a big deal nonetheless. Parade Designs has several wider bands but with a delicate design, open floral stylings and different hues of diamonds. These are super pretty and the mix of white, yellow and rose gold makes them work with everything else you have.

Wide Bands Award Winners

One of our favorite local designers – well from Vancouver, but more local than say California – also does wide bands really well. And their pieces are meant to be worn on a regular basis. More gold than the average ring, wider bottoms, often squared off for extra comfort. They are happy to customize their styles for each client, switching from yellow gold to white gold, using colored diamonds or gemstones as you prefer. If you have loose gemstones already, even better because we can find the perfect ring to set them off.

Custom Gold wide rings from

This designer has a very special place in our heart. He makes gorgeous pieces in a range of styles. Ultra feminine and delicate engagement rings are his speciality. But when it comes to wider one of a kind bands, he nails it. These are some of our current favorites.

Wide Bands from

These are from our estate collection, where there is always something new and exciting to play with. With diamonds, or all gold, you’re sure to find a statement piece to call your own.

Estate Collection wide bands from

– Heidi


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