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Blue is red hot

As a color, navy blue is a great shade for clothing, accessories and hello, jewelry! It suits everyone and works well as a neutral color. Yet it has enough presence to be noticed, it’s not one to fade into the background. It’s also a ‘safe’ color for many of us, because it’s so easy to wear.


In July 2013 at the Paris Couture Shows the runways were full of blackened blues, as well as black and blue worn together.


Some of the most amazing colors come in the lapis-lazuli gemstones. These are not new, but what designers are creating with them is definitely worth taking a look at.


Lapis-lazuli comes in all price points, which makes it more accessible. There are different strengths at each price point too. For example if the designer wants to highlight the deep uniform blue, they will choose gemstone quality lapis-lazuli. If they are working with yellow gold, they might choose lower-priced lapis with golden pyrite flecks. And if the piece will feature sterling silver or white gold, then the even less-pricy lapis with white calcite veining will be stunning. Working with the tones of the gem, they will match the quality and characteristics to the metals they use. The end result is something that looks like it was just made to go together.

Lapis jewelry from 

A fanastic example of this is Dabakarov’s lapis and diamond necklace. We love that the white streaks in the gem highlight the fine diamond halo and fit in perfectly with the white gold chain. The organic and irregular shape is also something we love about this piece. It sets it apart from the ordinary and makes it feel custom made just for you. No two necklaces will be identical because each gem is unique.


Tacori’s City Lights collection also features some amazing blues with their blue quartz pieces. Tacori has layered them with black hematite underneath. This is genius because it gives a deeper and more intense shade to the blue quartz. The multi faceted gems sparkle brilliantly and the blue kind of changes color as you move them around. We’re in love with the big cocktail rings and the drop earrings. Perfect pieces for wearing all the time.


Do you have any hidden blue gems languishing in your collection? Might be time to dust them off, bring them in to us for a cleaning, and start enjoying them all over again. Blue is red hot once more, you can’t miss.

– Heidi


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