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Bling for Babies!

Baby jewelry is something that has been around for centuries in many countries. It is something that is becoming more common in North America to commemorate and captivate a huge moment with a sentimental piece of jewelry. To this day I still have the bangle I wore as a baby, and one day (not soon) I hope to pass it down.

Speaking from a traditional and cultural stand point as an East Indian, jewelry for babies is not only common, it’s tradition. In India and for children of those of Indian descent all around the world baby jewelry is important. Babies are adorned in gold bracelets, necklaces, pendants, anklets with hollow beads or bells (for girls), and onyx and gold beaded bracelets. There are many reasons that they adorn their children with jewelry, the main one being it’s an investment. They do this so the child always has something of value just in case. It’s now becoming something that is more for sentimental and fashionable reasons.

On that note, my brother and sister in law are expecting a bundle of drooly cute happiness any day now. It’s my first time being an aunt, and I’m more than elated about it! Since I found out they were pregnant I have been looking for baby jewelry (in hopes that it’s a girl). So I decided to share a few of the pieces that are on my list…

Earrings and jewelry for babies


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