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Birthstones for October…

I’m an October baby, and I do not like my birthstone. I feel bad saying that, but I’m not a fan of Opals. So I always favor the secondary birthstone for October, which is Pink Tourmaline.

As much as I’m not a fan of Opals, they do have a very unique and beautiful look to them. They are colorful, and dramatic. They have a beautiful display of color and fire to them. The rainbow of colors makes Opals a great option as a year round fashion accessory. Opals are rated fair for daily wear. They are a softer stone, so they should be worn with caution and extra care. For cleaning at home check out my previous blog on how to care for jewelry.

Pink Tourmalines are the secondary birthstone for October. They range in color from a bubblegum pink to a rich crimson color. I love this tone because it looks great on every skin tone. Pink Tourmalines look stunning set in white gold, with either black or white diamond accents. The color really captures the Art Deco era, and because of the bright coloring they look great in geometric and retro designs. Pink tourmalines are a little harder than Opals, and are rated fair to good for every day wear.

October Opals and Pink Tourmalines


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