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Birthstone for July

The birthstone for July is Ruby. This fire red gemstone is recognized the world round, and its popularity is from the deep intense red hue. It is one of the worlds oldest, rarest, and most revered gemstones.


Rubies range in color from a light pinkish red to deep pigeon blood red. Rubies with hardly any inclusions are very rare. So, larger stones with a very good color and few inclusions can often be worth more than even diamonds.


With jewel tones becoming more and more favorable among jewelry connoisseurs, it is only reasonable to think that Rubies would be an ideal choice for gemstone pieces. Rubies are rated excellent for everyday wear, thus making them perfect for rings. 😉 Lets be honest, which one of us ladies wouldn’t love a big Ruby & Diamond ring??!


On that note, not only are Rubies great in women’s jewelry, but they are also very sought after in men’s jewelry. When designed in a geometric inspired way, they are more often appealing to men. Again, because Rubies are rated excellent for everyday wear the hardness factor is also what appeals to men. They don’t have to worry about ruining the stone. Bonus!!


Below are a few pieces of Ruby jewelry… Which ones do you love??


Ruby Jewelry from


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