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Backes & Strauss In The Spotlight

I am focusing on one specific designer, Backes & Strauss. It was originally founded in 1789, in Hanau Germany. They are famous for the work they do with their diamonds. I really like this designer because of the use of diamonds, and its a very simple look. All of these items can be worn everyday, or to dress up for an evening out.  




These ruby and diamond hoops are really cute; red is a color that’s always noticed and always stands out. Its bright and its screams confidence! Though these earrings are small and not very busy they will stand out with the bright color of these rubies. That is so nice because we don’t always want to wear big bold pieces to make a statement or have them noticed, and these will sure be noticed but aren’t huge.




These diamond hoops are really fun! The two rows of diamonds make these small hoops hard to miss with all the sparkle they would give. Having a total carat weight of 1.03, these would definitely be an everyday earring! The earrings aren’t super big which is nice because though they give a ton of sparkle, they don’t look too dressy to wear casually.




This two row diamond wedding band is so beautiful; it’s a simple but will give your hand an enormous amount of sparkle. The rows of diamonds really catch the light! Because of the simplicity of the ring it would appeal to many. Its nice because the diamonds do not sit up high at all, so there are no worries with the ring catching on anything.




This diamond heart lock & key pendant is so adorable. It’s a simple idea; it could be worn everyday with a  white gold chain. With the chain and pendant being separate, you could change and wear different chain lengths, which is a super awesome option. You can always switch it up with this pendant, making it feel like a new piece every time.



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