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An interview on gemstones, part 2

This is the second part of our interview on gemstones. Part one was last week, if you missed it and want to catch up. Enjoy!

How about the largest gemstone you’ve seen, what was the color and size?

Size is very relative in the coloured stone market as certain stones are much rarer than others and finding them in large sizes is even rarer.

I have seen beautiful purple Amethyst crystals larger than a grown man, and I have been so fortunate to see the largest Tsavorite Garnet in the world weighing in at 325cts.

How would you help a client choose which type of gemstone would suit them?

With coloured gemstones the possibilities are endless. I would try and get to know the customer and find out what they are looking for in a gemstone. Is there a specific colour they are drawn to, do they prefer bold, vibrant colours or more subtle options, do they simply want to create a beautiful, one of kind piece of jewellery? I would also try and find out their lifestyle to help them find a suitable and durable option.

What trends do you see these days in colored gemstones? We’ve been showing more color for engagement rings, mostly sapphires. Maybe because of Kate Middleton.

Yes, trends play a large part in the coloured gemstone business. We definitely saw more requests for Blue Sapphires going into engagement rings after the royal wedding. We also see popularity in colours vary from season to season, just as with any fashion market. There are also gem associations that put out palettes of colours that are trending and we always see an increase in the stones that display these colours. For example, Emerald was a big item this year with customers falling in love with the intense green of this highly valued gemstone.

Yours is a family business – what are the pros and cons of working with family?

One of the greatest challenges of having a family business is separating work from family. Trying to keep a professional atmosphere with a strong employee/employer relationship, while ignoring the fact that the employer is your father and the employee is your daughter, can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately for my dad and I, we have a strong relationship to begin with, and that carries into the workplace as well. We support each other, value the other’s opinions and we have fun!

Brightly colored gemstones from

A big thank you for answering our questions. We love working with someone who has so much passion for what they do. They’ve always come through for us when we’re looking for the perfect gemstone for a client.

– Heidi


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