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  • By Lisa
  • 10.07.2015

Add Some Length To Your Collection!

 Add Some Length To Your Collection!

 It’s always nice to have the option of wearing a long necklace, they give a more relaxed and casual look. Almost always they are very easy to pair with an outfit, and they are awesome for a day when your outfit feels a little plain and you want to spice it up a bit.  I picked a couple different styles, some casual and some more dressy.




            This first pick is a gorgeous diamond necklace; I would wear this with a plain outfit because it would spice it up and take a lot of the attention. This necklace has such a pretty design, putting it with something plain would really show it off.




            The city lights chain is so perfect because it has a number of colors on it, which makes it easy to pair with. It gives a playful and colorful look, making it easy to just slip on before you head out.




  This Tacori necklace is stunning. I absolutely am in love with this shade of blue; it’s so bright and eye catching. Blue is a color I wear more than any other colors so this would pair nicely with a lot of what I have. It would be exceptionally beautiful paired with a plain, casual, loose fitting dress.




            This pearl necklace would be for a time when you need to dress up a little more, but the length will give you a layed back look, which I love. So you could wear this with a more casual dress or a cute top.




            Tacori’s black onyx necklace is an exciting way to spice things up. It isn’t too fancy but perfect for a night out. With a tight black dress, this necklace would shine and really compliment you. It is such a beautiful accessory, and because of its black color it is easy to match and will get tons of wear. It would definitely be a favorite of mine.



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