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A shout out to fabulous wines

Periodically, we give a special shout out to fabulous  wines…because we LOVE wine 🙂



I feel like I’m cheating on the Okanagan (and Okanagan wine) when I say that Australia’s Frisk Prickly Riesling is one of my favourite white wines ever. I can’t help it. This wine is phenomenal. It’s amazing.

This past summer I made it my goal to find a white wine that would be perfect for a variety of meals as well as a lone sipper (or gulper). I’m a huge red wine fan, so I felt as though I needed to develop my desire and appreciation for white wine. I have a few girlfriends that rave about white, and always want me to try it. So I decided to do some research and hunting and try something that spoke to me. How did I discover it you ask? I like to use the BC Liqour Store app on my phone to find, discover, and read about different wines (I love this app, and it is so handy to have when you want to try something new, or just see if something is available). I was flipping through the wines that came up on my search list and the name caught my eye (could it have a peppier name? Frisk). From there the description definitely had me at first glance. It read: ‘Not for the faint of heart, this zippy Riesling is floral and weighted, with notes of lime sorbet, rose petals and a hint of fennel. With its racy verve, subtle complexity and just a tinge of sweetness it’s refreshingly complex on the palate. Pair with spice and sweet Asian dishes or sip on its own.’ 

It was all of that and more.

It has a little bit of sparkle to it, which causes the top to ‘pop’ a little when you open it (a sound I love). You can absolutely taste the lime to it. It is a very juicy wine where you can taste the fruit, but also has a little bit of a kick with the hint if fennel. All of these things combined makes it the perfect balance of sweet and tart. And for $14.99 you can’t go wrong.

I first tried it on a warm May day. The sun was shining and we were going to be barbecuing. I opened the bottle poured a glass and took my first sip…. After the first sip I was intrigued, and by the second or third I was tasting the fruitiness, and lime. Then, I was hooked. I felt immediate regret for only purchasing one bottle and made note that I had to pick up a few the next day. Since then I always have this wine on hand. I have shared my love for it with number of people who have told me after trying it, they’re hooked.

I hope you take some time to try it. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. And if you for some reason are…. Sorry. But don’t worry I’ll take your bottle (as long as there is still wine in it)!

Happy wining everyone! 



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