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A Fresh Take On Diamond Studs

We think that, other than a woman’s engagement ring, there is probably no other piece of jewelry that she will wear more than diamond stud earrings. You’ve heard us say that they are a classic…and they are.  But this blog is in hopes of expanding our horizons and seeing that “classic” doesn’t have to mean boring!  There are so many unique ways to make diamond studs fresh, fun and yet still enduring.  They won’t EVER go out of style so maybe it’s time to invest in your first pair.  Notice I said “first”.  At Canadian Jewelry Exchange, we have a very exciting program associated with any diamond stud purchase.  At any time in the future, if you would like to upgrade your diamond studs, we will allow you all of what you paid on the first ones toward the new pair.  And best of all?  You don’t have to spend double (like other upgrade programs at national stores).  If the first pair you bought was $500 and you’d like to upgrade to a pair for $650, just trade in your original pair and pay the $150 plus tax difference…and voila! You have bigger earrings, boom, just like that.  I have one customer, a lovely young woman, who has traded in several times.  She started out with a small pair of .10 total carat weight for $120, then every time she gets money for gifts or just wants to treat herself, she adds another $100 or $200 and gets bigger diamonds.  At last transaction, she was at .65 total carat weight for $915.

Here’s some of our current favorite but unique diamond studs.  Which will you add to your collection? 🙂



These diamond studs are set in a kind of retro setting.  It gives the diamonds a slightly oval shape and appear larger than they are. 






These are super sweet (totally biased on these!)  We had two loose oval cut diamonds that matched perfectly, so we ordered 14K white gold settings and our goldsmith put them all together.  They are 1.00 total carat weight and sparkle like mad.






These gorgeous diamond studs are handcrafted in California and come from our friends at Tacori.  In one word: incredible. A flourish of diamond spotlight enhancers illuminate each diamond with clarifying depth and dimension in the “Dantela” style stud.  We have carefully chosen VS clarity diamonds with F color for maximum brilliance and sparkle.  .90 total carat weight.  Plus, hello! They are Tacori!!! 🙂







These earrings have a definite whimsical edge to them. The trillion cut diamonds (weighing in a .88 total carat weight) look enormous as they are naturally cut quite shallow and the white gold settings kind of “float” around the fireworks in the center.






Rose gold is so strong in recent times. Women love the delicate hue of baby pink and the contrast against crisp white diamonds.  These studs are a modified “martini” style setting which has been carefully designed to hug the ear (and not droop like traditional martini settings tend to).

At any given time we have more than a hundred pairs of diamond studs in stock.  They range in price but typically start at $75 and go up to…well the skies the limit! At the time of writing this blog our most expensive pair is $68,500 (isn’t it nice to have the option of working up to these???) 🙂

Check out all our earrings now…enjoy!



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