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Turning Heads at the Party

Guest Blogger Lisa

When I go to a party, I turn into a totally girly girl and want to put together an outfit to make heads turn.  Unfortunately, I’m not overly adventurous when it comes to clothes (for me black is always it!) so I try to make my jewelry pop.  I want my accessories to make me feel luxurious and sparkly.  Here’s my top picks for maximum compliments:

63-21 Dabakarov Amethyst Ring I would totally wear this ring on my index or ring finger with pretty much any color polish (but especially a gunmetal grey).  The rose gold amethyst combo is delicate but powerful. (Item #63-21)
1-23572 Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring This ring is to. die. for.  When we selected the gem for the center, I was leaning toward amethyst or citrine but when we saw the green tourmaline…there was no contest.  The hunter green color in pear shape is perfection.  Just the right amount of light to get the full effect of the hue.  Nothing says party like a cocktail ring! (Item #1-23572)
 Tacori Barbados Blue Drop Earrings #70-50 There are almost no words for how stunning these earrings are (but this is a blog so I’m thinking that’s not going to cut it).  All I can say is that these earrings POP no matter what.  The blue is so vivid and happy.  It reminds me of deep Caribbean waters.  Probably why it’s part of Tacori’s Barbados Blue Collection! (Item #70-50)
 Italian Gold Drop Earrings #8-20226 Thank goodness yellow gold is back with a vengeance.  White gold is great…don’t get me wrong.  But yellow gold has that deep, rich, opulence to it.  It works on every skin tone, never tarnishes and looks amazing.  These Italian earrings are bold yet quietly classic.  Never too much, I would also pair these with leggings and a chunky sweater for more casual times. (Item #8-20226)
 Tacori Chalcedony Necklace #70-222 This Tacori necklace boasts a chalcedony in a soft cushion shape.  This piece is so versatile I would literally live in it (much like my ring with the same gem).  It pulls blue, grey, pink and purples off wonderfully and yet is an eye catching contrast to black & chocolate.  Plus after the party you’ll be wearing it with jeans and a T…or even your lululemons running the kids to school.  Trust me…I know these things. (Item #70-222)
 Key pendant #8-20282 Put this 14K Italian crafted key on a long white necklace and you’re good to go.  I would definitely also layer this with the chalcedony Tacori necklace above.  It’s totally iconic (think Tiffany). (Item #8-20282)


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