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What to expect when custom making a ring

Greg Hlady

We are proud to have a fabulous goldsmith working in house here at CJEX. Greg is coming up on his 20th anniversary of goldsmithing this year (I know, he looks like a wee young boy!). Working side by side these last 5 years, we’ve seen how dedicated he is to growing and improving his craft. If you’re thinking about custom designing a piece of jewelry, here’s what to expect working with us.


The first step is to have in mind what you would like to create. Photos are extremely helpful – even if it is just to say “I like this part, but not that” or “I want this element from this photo but this particular feature of another photo”. Lots of times people ask us what we would do but style, taste and personality vary so dramatically. What I think is fantastic another staff would describe as “yuckers!” (yes, you Sabrina). If we can get an idea of what style you’re going for half the battle is over! Be sure to bring any gold, diamonds or gemstones you would like to use. If you don’t have these, no worries. We have diamonds of all sizes and shapes and we keep plenty of fresh gold on hand.


Once we have an idea of the project, Greg will either sketch the idea or go straight to carving the wax. Carving the item out of wax is the first step in the custom process. This usually takes 1-2 weeks (depending on the complexity of the item). At this point, you can view the wax mold of the item, try it on, and make sure it’s what you were thinking. This is the time to make changes if they are needed! The wax step is also the time where we can give you the most accurate quote. Usually at this point we require a deposit to move to the next step (the final payment would be made upon completion).


pink wax

green wax


When you give us the go ahead on the wax, completion is again approximately 2-3 weeks. Remember that although Greg is good…he’s still only one man and the whole piece is hand made. Sometimes things take longer than expected so if you are planning for a special occasion leave lots of time for possible delays.


Custom designing a ring is a process but it can turn into a very special piece… and can be a lot of fun in the process!


Custom rings at CJEX


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