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  • By Lisa
  • 22.05.2019

6 ‘Something Blue’ Gifts She Will Definitely Wear Again 

Blue eyeshadow with a bridal gown: Maaaaybe not.

But a blue bracelet or right-hand ring? Now we’re talking. As far as the age-old saying goes, the “something blue” in “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is the perfect excuse to treat the bride to be with something beautiful, something she will wear and cherish long after the wedding is over.

At CJEX, we bring sisters, mothers and friends of the bride over to the Tacori counter to check out the gorgeous blues in its collection. Tacori is a California-based jewelry brand known for its unique yet classic artisanal style, and has the type of heirloom-quality pieces best suited to commemorate a special day.

Get inspired with 6 examples of Tacori jewelry for ‘something blue’ and visit Dil at CJEX to try everything on!

1. For the Topaz Type

Tacori Sonoma Skies Blue Topaz Ring, $290.00

Perfect for your girl who’s planning a tropical escape to the ocean for her honeymoon, because the colour of this ring will take her there in an instant. Topaz is a super-shiny, hard gemstone, known to symbolize love and patience.

2. For the Minimalist

Tacori Island Rains Bracelet, $230.00

Light silver chain with a little dollop of bluey topaz goodness. Just the thing for your friend or relative who couldn’t be bothered to get a dramatic veil for her bridal outfit. If she doesn’t have sequins or poof on her dress, this is probably the bracelet for her.

3. For the Real Housewives Fan

Tacori Golden Bay Diamond Ring, $2160.00

Dramatic and rich-looking, this cabochon Sky Blue Topaz over Hematite gemstone ring has something to say on even the most introverted of women. It’s probably not the type of thing she would buy for herself, which makes it all the more perfect a gift for her “something blue”. Hurry up – there’s only one left!

4. For The Sugar Addict

Tacori Sonoma Skies Multi Gem Chain Bracelet, $790.00

It’s basically like she’s wearing candy on her wrist, which could be just the thing to take her bridal outfit and accessories up a notch on the sweetness scoreboard.  A delicious blend of Tacori sterling silver and 18K yellow gold, dotted with enough blue topaz gemstones to get a little sugar high going.

5. For the Book-Smart

Tacori Island Rain Ring, $390.00

If it hadn’t been for her, you would have never read The Great Gatsby or The Catcher in the Rye. Here is a London blue oval topaz cocktail ring worthy of any glamorous 1920’s-themed wedding or an evening elopement in New York.

6.  For The One Who Knows Every Word To Every Song on A Star Is Born

Tacori Sonoma Skies Drop Earrings, $550.00

“Shallow” is probably her last-dance song and so a romantic, Hollywood-esque accessory is in order. Take a chance on gifting her a show-stopping set of chandelier earrings, set with four Sky Blue topaz gemstones each. It’s enough to take a look from undiscovered talent to mega-superstar. Bradley Cooper not included, unfortunately.

Get “Something Blue” for her at CJEX in Kelowna

The bride has enough on her plate in those final weeks leading up to the big day – take the “something blue” task as the perfect opportunity to gift her with something memorable, beautiful and totally wearable after the wedding.

CJEX in Kelowna is open Tuesday – Saturday at 590 KLO Rd!

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