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  • By Lisa
  • 22.01.2017

Halo Ring Styles

Halo style rings are super in right now, they allow you to have a bigger look to your ring without paying for a big diamond. It will also give your ring the detail that a solitaire does not have. Perfect for someone who wants more to their ring than just a diamond. You will get a different look and a busier ring. I picked a few rings with different band styles, sized and halo shapes. There is a ring style for absolutely everyone! So much to chose from, and they are all so beautiful, I don’t think I could just choose one.

This gorgeous rose gold round halo style ring is great because you will get amazing sparkle from having the round look and with the Halo, your ring will look larger.


2-925 -$3,275

The cushion halo I such a nice option now because tons of women don’t want their ring to have the round look and they want a soft square but don’t necessarily¬†like the cushion cut diamond. This option gives you the beautiful sparkle from the round cut diamond and you get the look of the soft square! It’s the best of both worlds!!


74-90 -$3,950

The ring below is similar to the last ring we saw, but this gives a much more square look, a lot closer to a princess look with the more harsh square. This ring is perfect for the girl that wants the princess look but more sparkle!


74-102 -$5,750

This gorgeous Tacori ring is definitely one of my favorites! The cushion halo around this beautiful round brilliant diamond is just timeless! The three bands along the sides is amazing; giving no need for wedding band shopping, unless you want to give the ring a little extra sparkle ūüėČ You sure won’t need to, this ring sparkles great just on its own!


70-443 -$31,000

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