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Gifts For $500

Gifts for $500


Finding a gift can be hard sometimes, I always feel like it’s a good idea to go with neutral always loved pieces. A classic piece will never be rejected. Something like stud earrings, or anything diamonds! Any girl would love those. If you have a budget to stick to that almost makes it easier to find a piece because you know the price range you are looking at and it will narrow the pieces down. Here are a couple classic pieces that would be perfect gifts for if your budget is around $500. 



63-136 -$595

These studs are perfect for everyday, and a nice noticeable size, they can be dressed up or down! The diamond halo around the white quartz. 





1-26141 -$575

This Simple necklace is the perfect gift for the girl that doesn’t want just a plain diamond necklace, this gives shimmer and design to your everyday style!





1-25853 -$495

These art deco studs are so adorable! Perfect for the girl that a simple stud just isn’t enough! They are a good everyday size so that you can see the beautiful design, but not too big for a stud.





70-598 -$510

This Tacori bangle is such a nice everyday piece. It will fit with everything, and can be worn literally all the time. Those are always the kind of pieces that are my favorite because its like you never have to take it off, it will go with anything!






1-21863 -$490

These classic diamond studs are a never fail. They are so simple and would work for absolutely every occasion. These can be an everyday piece or if your going out on the town for a night you can pop them in your second holes and wear a statement pair and have these to compliment them. 





1-26199 -$480

This necklace is for the girl who loves yellow gold, its the perfect piece to dress up a simple dress or just wear everyday!



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