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Citrine For November

Citrine for November


Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November. The name of the stone Citrine is derived from the color, the yellow of the lemon. The most sought after stones have a radiant yellowish to brownish red color. Citrine has a hardness of 7 on the scale, so the stone is good for everyday wear. Citrine jewelry shimmers and brings a hint of sunshine to all those dull November days.  




70-537- $640

I picked a few of the pieces we have in store with the citrine stone. The first are these cinnamon scotch studs from Tacori. These earrings are adorable, and the perfect gift! They are a really nice size so they can be worn a lot, and the yellow gold goes extremely well with this stone, highlighting its dark yellowish orange color.



1-26362- $355

This yellow gold citrine ring is lovely with the diamonds on the band making the stone really stand out. Its the perfect accessory for a night out in a little black dress to add a little shimmer.


70-857- $715

This multi- stone bracelet with the citrine stone is a nice idea because you can be wearing your birthstone as well as other colored stones making it an everyday piece because of the variety in colors. 






1-25782- $425

In this ring you see the citrine stone that has more of a yellowish color to it, much lighter than the other pieces mentioned. This color truly does give you a hint of sunshine, the yellow is such a happy color. This ring would be the perfect gift during a gloomy November to brighten things up. 



45-288- $150

This white gold pendant is the perfect size to your everyday go to piece! its nice and small, it could easily be stacked with a couple other necklaces depending on the look you wanted for the day. Its simple and easy to wear with anything. 


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