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Musings of a CJEX buyer

The jewelry shows we attend are, in one word, overwhelming.  The convention center in Las Vegas is over 2 million square feet.  If my math is right, that’s 45 football fields full of jewelry.  And jewelry is small!  Each booth has hundreds if not thousands of glittering pieces of jewelry and there are thousands of booths.  How do we choose what to bring home to Kelowna &  Read our thoughts on these three pieces from a recent show:

Amethyst & Diamond Ring from

58-129  I knew when I saw this ring that it was a winner.  But my instincts were proved right a couple of months ago when this conversation went down in our store.  Imagine the scene: Dil is helping a couple of whom he bought her this ring for a special event.  She is telling Dil how much she loves it.  At the same time, I’m presenting the same ring (in a different gemstone) to a really sweet guy shopping for an anniversary gift.  Overhearing the chatter as I told him how fantastic this ring was, she comes over and tells him all about how her husband gave her the same ring and how much she adored it.  She pretty much vetoed all his other choices!  Needless to say, he went with this one and his wife was over the moon.  What can I say… it’s a love maker 🙂

 Pearl & Gold Studs from

58-111  There’s not a lot of ways to jazz up classic pearl studs.  But these earrings definitely add a pretty twist to a long time favorite.  The freshwater slightly button shaped pearls are set off by a 14K yellow gold swoop of brilliance.  I love how the effect is still clean and very Audrey Hepburn… but there’s this modern edge to them too.  Also available in white gold (58-112), they’re a must for every woman’s wardrobe.

Diamond Engagement Ring from

1-22123  All I can say about this ring is when I realized how intensely cool this is, I had to have it.  This engagement ring was handcrafted in Los Angeles & no part of it was left to chance.  From every angle it is interesting and surprising.  Starting at the focal point: the diamond is a 1 carat Polar Bear Canadian Diamond so it is simply stunning.  The diamond is set in a twisted channel setting which means it is not only very secure but also incredibly easy to wear.  Smooth with no chance of snagging on anything.  There are crisp princess cut diamonds running underneath the diamond, giving a bridge like effect.  This is followed by pave set brilliant diamonds on the profiles so even when you’re grasping the steering wheel in traffic, your ring is gleaming back at you with love.  This engagement ring is truly one of a kind.

– Lisa


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