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Dil’s pick: Dabakarov’s green amethyst and diamond ring

Green Amethyst & Diamond Ring from

Who: For the classic woman who loves simple and traditional pieces with a little pop of color.


What: A delicate and subtle green amethyst and diamond ring from Dabakarov. The green is very faint in color, so it’s the perfect tone to wear with everything! The delicate halo of diamonds adds just a little bit of sparkle around the stone.


Where: Wear it everyday anywhere you go! It makes a fantastic right hand ring. It looks great on any of the index, middle and ring fingers. To keep the look classic, stick with the ring finger. Wear it with light wash denim and classic navy and white striped shirt, or dress it up for a night out.


Why: It’s versatile. It’s beautiful. And it will keep people guessing as to what’s sparkling on your pretty little finger!

– Dil


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