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Why choose platinum?

Precious. Pure. Enduring. Rare. Beautiful… all things you are searching for in a treasure that will be with you for a lifetime, right? In considering jewelry, there are many metal options to consider: white gold, yellow gold, platinum, palladium. So, what makes platinum the ideal choice for jewelry? Consider three factors:

– purity – good quality platinum is 90-95% pure platinum, compared to gold jewelry which is up to 75% pure gold, which means that there are less alloys (other metals) mixed with it. This is ideal for ones who may have allergies to certain metals and particularly find that they cannot wear white gold. Platinum is completely hypo-allergenic and is perfect for everyone to wear!

– natural color – platinum is a white metal in its pure state, compared to gold which is yellow, which means that it does not need rhodium plating (see our previous blog for more info on rhodium plating) to keep it looking just as white as the day that you bought it. It is a slightly greyer color than rhodium plated white gold, but it will not change color over time.

– durable – platinum is an extremely dense metal that, as jewelry, will last a lifetime. Unlike gold, when platinum jewelry is scratched it does not wear any material off of the ring. The molecules in the metal are “pushed” tighter together instead of scratching off. The benefit to this is that even after years of wearing your jewelry, you will not have to worry about such upkeep as re-tipping the claws or building up the bottom of the ring. Although it will still develop surface scratches, as any metal will, it can be polished to its original lustre by a qualified goldsmith.

We deal with many jewelry designers that feature their creations in platinum as well as gold. Among them are Tacori, Parade, Beverley K, ArtCarved & Tycoon. Each has their own distinct style of bridal jewelry and you will be sure to be able to find the perfect platinum piece for you or someone you love!

As Tacori puts it… “It looks better in platinum.” 😉


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