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Each and every piece on this website is in stock and available for viewing & purchase at our Kelowna, BC store.

The Canadian Jewelry Exchange

Repair & Restoration Service

All custom, repair, or restoration work done by our jewelry studio has a 90 day warranty against defect in workmanship.

All service provided by our watch studio, is backed by a one year warranty on parts and labour. The warranty does not cover crystals, stem & crowns, neglect & breakage, or water & moisture damage. It does not apply to a watch that has not been serviced to qualify it for water-resistance.

For out of town customers: Send your items by courier or insured mail for repair or appraisal. We will prepare a detailed quote for your approval. With your approval the work will be done promptly and returned to you. If you choose not to go ahead with the repair or appraisal, your items will be promptly returned to you.

Some of our services are listed below. Please contact us for any other items. The prices listed are subject to change.

Jewelry Cleaning

Polish, Disinfect & Steam Clean $10.00 per item

Ring Sizing

Silver/10k/14k - includes 2 sizes up $49.00 per ring
Extra Charge for each 2 sizes larger $25.00 add per ring
18k - includes 2 sizes up $65.00 per ring
Extra Charge for each 2 sizes larger $25.00 add per ring
Over 4mm wide - extra charge $20.00 add per ring

Soldering Rings Together

Two Rings $50.00
Three Rings $65.00

Chain Repair

Solder break in chain $25.00

Stone Setting

.01 - .05 $20.00
.06 - .25 $30.00
.26 - .50 $45.00
.51 - .75 $60.00
.76 - 1.00 $75.00
1.01 - 1.25 $85.00

Rhodium Plating

Per Ring/Pendant $60.00
Per Bracelet/Chain $70.00

Retipping Claws

1 - 3 Tips $25.00 each
4 Tips $80.00
Each Additional $15.00

Contact us for more information.