The New

The New (& Vastly Improved) So many of you tell us how much you love our We endeavor to keep it up to date, load new pieces every day & enjoy connecting with you via email. But, and I don’t say this very often, a good thing just got better We have been… Read More

Musings of a CJEX Buyer

The jewelry shows we attend are, in one word, overwhelming.  The convention center in Las Vegas is over 2 million square feet.  If my math is right, that’s 45 football fields full of jewelry.  And jewelry is small!  Each booth has hundreds if not thousands of glittering pieces of jewelry and there are thousands of… Read More

New Designer! Rebecca Hook

Welcome the newest addition to our Designer line up: Rebecca Hook! Lisa had the opportunity to meet and explore Rebecca’s line with Rebecca herself at the Chicago jewelry show in late April. What really impressed her was that Rebecca was working in her booth, one on one with each jeweler.  What a refreshing change from… Read More

Sapphire for September

We featured every birthstone in our blogs for 2013 so we thought we’d give it a rest this year however, we have so many amazing new sapphire pieces that we just had to share.   Sapphire is an excellent gemstone for every day wear.  It is very hard, durable and is set off beautifully by diamonds. … Read More

Summer 2014’s Must Have Tacori Jewels

Yes we are highlighting Tacori jewels AGAIN in our blog for August.  This spring, Tacori launched a gorgeous new ad campaign featuring their Barbados Blue Collection.  Our windows show this photo as well and it’s amazing how many people can relate to the picture and can see themselves wearing these stunning gems.  The Barbados Blue… Read More